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This was the official website created to promote the 2006 film, Two Weeks. The site remained live until its domain registration expired. The site disappeared into the basement of expired domains. Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its original content from archived pages. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing it for something that had nothing in common with the original website. I wanted to keep the spirit of the original Two Weeks website intact.

Rotten Tomatoe critics did not love the film (a lowly 19% on the Tomatometer) with the majority of them feeling that although "Sally Field's flawless performance as a mother whose imminent death reunites her four grown children elevates a fairly formulaic melodrama in the made-for-Lifetime mode into something considerably more memorable....The well-intentioned screenplay is all over the map, with many scenes too truncated to go anywhere dramatically or emotionally. Is a cancer movie that leaves you dry-eyed an oxymoron?"

Nevertheless, I happened to be with the audience critics such as Leo L who gave it 5 stars.
"A brilliant and touching movie! Sally Field is simply great. Ben Chaplin and Tom Cavanagh are fantastic as well. The story plot centralizes around a family of four who are dealing with their mother's dying. Great connection of family, kinship, and the bond reaffirmed between siblings. They (altogether) deal with the decline of their mother's health, and the grief surrounded in laying her to rest in scattering her ashes.
Memorable scenes: 1) The grocery store, where the boys are buying stuff and they get thrown out. 2) The siblings are debating whether to carry through with scattering their mother's ashes, one by one, they work through it."


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent
Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back to 2006 and the promotion push leading up to the release of Two Weeks.



Rotten Tomatoes Movie Info

Director Steve Stockman takes the helm for this semi-autobiographical comedy drama about an estranged family that comes together for one last goodbye, and finds their assumedly brief farewell inexorably dragged out for two excruciating weeks. Aging matriarch Anita (Sally Field) is dying, but before she goes, she has requested that her four grown children travel back home to visit their ailing mother on her deathbed. Eager to gain a better understanding of the dying process, daughter Emily purchases a variety of self-help books on the subject. Though brother Keith (Ben Chaplin) soon arrives determined to float through the process in typical L.A. Zen mode, Emily contends that the only way to be prepared for the future is to consider every detail that can go awry. When PR executive Barry arrives intent on getting some work done before death comes knocking, it appears as if he is more concerned with getting broadband Internet in the house than actually tending to his mother. Meanwhile, youngest brother Matthew sets at the sidelines biding his time as his unlikable wife, Katrina, callously speculates on which of the dying woman's luxurious jewels she will be inheriting. Now, as Anita begins to look back at her life while reflecting on the time spent with her family, the question of who will hold this family together once she is gone casts a melancholy shadow over her fond memories.

Rating: R (adult situations/language, sex)
Genre: Drama, Art House & International, Comedy
Directed By: Steve Stockman
Written By: Steve Stockman<
In Theaters: Oct 20, 2006 Wide
On DVD: Sep 18, 2007
Runtime: 1 hr. 38 min.
MGM - Official Site



The Actors


Sally Field

Two-time Oscar ® winner Sally Field has been loved by audiences for over 40 years from her appearances on TV, Theater, and Film.  Sally has headlined blockbusters like Steel Magnolias, Forrest Gump,  Mrs. Doubtfire, Places in the Heart, Absence of Malice, and Norma Rae. Her theatrical appearances on Broadway (2003) and the Kennedy Center (2004) drew sold out houses, rave reviews and ecstatic national press coverage. She’s currently starring on the new ABC hit Brothers &Sisters. In addition to her Best Actress Oscars, Sally’s spectacular career has seen her win 2 Golden Globes (in 8 nominations)and 2 Emmys (5 nominations). Her guest spots on ER regularly drive the show to its highest ratings of the season.

Ben Chaplan

Best known for his starring roles in The Truth about Cats and Dogs and Thin Red Line, Ben also starred in Murder By Numbers (opposite Sandra Bullock) and The Birthday Girl (opposite Nicole Kidman.) Ben was nominated for a 2004 Tony Award for his Broadway performance in The Retreat from Moscow. This summer, he drew rave reviews for his starring role in the London debut of Neil Labute’s hit play This Is How It Goes, and can be seen in Terrence Malick’s latest film, The New World.

Tom Cavanagh

Tom’s been nominated for two Golden Globes for his starring role as TV’s Ed. He’s appeared on Broadway in Urinetown and Shenandoah. A producer in his own right with his recent series Love Monkeyon CBS and a new pilot coming up, Tom is also a regular guest star on NBC’s Scrubs.

Julianne Nicholson

Her breakout role in the indy feature Tullylead to series regular roles on Ally McBeal and Presidio Med. Julianne starred most recently in Kinsey,Little Black Book, and Seeing Other People. Her starring role in the indie film Flannel Pajamaswas a hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Julianne now stars on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Glenn Howerton

Glenn has appeared in “Must Love Dogs” and “Serenity” on the big screen. On TV, he’s known for a recurring role on ER, and as writer, Executive Producer and star of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, now in it’s third season on FX.

Clea Duvall

Clea is well known to film audiences from her lead roles in The Grudge, 21 Grams, Identity and Girl, Interrupted. She has a recurring role on the NBC Hit “Heroes” and appears in the upcoming David Fincher film, “Zodiac” among 4 other films coming out in 2007.



Writer/Director Steve Stockman on the making of Two Weeks


Steve Stockman talks about his real life experiences, why he made the film, what happened before, during and after filming.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Special Upstate New York Screenings of "Two Weeks" in November

November is “National Hospice Month” (Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to buy gifts). Hospices and other end-of-life groups are showing “Two Weeks” all over the country to raise awareness (and money) for the important work they do.

I’ll be attending two showings in Upstate New York and answering questions after the screenings.

First, I’ll be in Syracuse at the “Celebrating Life Through Chocolate” event for Hospice of Central New York. I grew up in Syracuse, so I’m really looking forward to going back for the first time in almost a decade. The last section of the movie is set there (although we shot it in Nashville.) The Hospice presents an annual “Anita” award to a doctor who demonstrates a very high standard of patient care. That award, like Sally Field’s character in the film, is named after my mother. I’m hoping to see a few familiar faces.

It’s at 1pm, November 11, at the Palace Theater in Eastwood. For more info, or tickets, call 315 634-2222. And if you’re thinking you’d rather just stay home and rent the DVD, don’t forget: there’ll be chocolate.

The next evening, November 12, I’ll be in Downtown Albany, NY at THEIR Palace Theater for an event with Community Hospice. Though I didn’t grow up in Albany, I passed through many times while driving to and from college in Providence, kind of dated a girl there (long story) and saw concerts at Saratoga. So I’m sort of a semi-native. The event kicks off at 6pm, the film screens at 7:30. You can get more info from Community Hospice at 1-800-678-0711
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two Weeks DVD Hits the Streets!

The Two Weeks DVDs are out and in stores. Pick up a case today-- they make excellent Columbus Day gifts for the whole family!

Nice to hear from people that the displays in Blockbuster are great, and they've been able to find them in stores.

Some early reviews for the DVD package:,,, and

You can buy the new DVD at Walmart, Amazon and most other fine retailers, or add it to your rental queue at Netflix or Blockbuster.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Special Group Screenings of Two Weeks

This release is just in from Visioneering Media Network. Visioneering specializes in getting films out to groups-- hospices, book stores, churches, synagogues, medical schools, hospital staffs-- any group with an interest in this film.

Their release on their "Two Weeks" screening program, and contact information, appear below.


Dear Film Lover –
Recently, we announced to you “Two Weeks” was coming. It is now available for special screenings.

TWO WEEKS is an emotionally rich and multi-dimensional film that will touch your heart and your funny-bone … often at the same time! It’s a film with profound relevance for us all.

Two-time Academy Award winner Sally Field stars as a mother with terminal cancer. Her four children return home for what they believe to be the last few days of her life. When she hangs on, they find themselves trapped – together – for two weeks.

TWO WEEKS chronicles the family’s day-by-day struggle to deal with their mother’s illness – and each other – intercut with her reflections on her life and her family.

What happens to a family when the one person who holds it together can’t hold on anymore?

In addition to Field, the top-notch cast includes Ben Chaplin, Tom Cavanaugh, Julianne Nicholson, and Clea Duvall.

In America, death is the last taboo. There are 300 books on what to expect when you’re pregnant, and only three on what to expect when dying. We will all deal with dying parents, if we haven’t already. Now, TWO WEEKS explores one family’s experience with heart, soul, insight … and humor.

Reserve TWO WEEKS for your organization’s special showing. There are two ways to structure your screening –<
1) As a “Film Night” feature for your group and their friends.
2) As a fund-raising program for your group.

Filmmakers may be booked (subject to availability) for post-screening Q & A, or workshops.

The film is available for showing in both DVD and 35 millimeter formats. A minimum screening fee applies, against a percentage of the gross receipts.



Here’s what critics have said about TWO WEEKS ….

“Writer-director Steve Stockman is writing from experience, as the script artfully melds the honest, cold facts of dying with the awkwardness and humor that can be found in such circumstances. It’s a film to be sought out.”
Jeffrey Lyons and Alison Bailes, WNBC-TV

“Sally Field creates an agonizing portrait of Anita Bergman. Ms. Field’s tough, accurate performance is all the more compelling for its understatement. A knowing cinematic primer on what to expect when a parent dies.”

--Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“There’s an honesty to this film’s portrayal of what cancer does to family dynamics. Unsentimental, darkly funny. (Stockman’s) gifts as a writer are beyond reproach.”
--Jason Shawhan, The (Nashville) Tennessean

“Sally Field is formidable.”
--Lisa Schwartzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

“Two Weeks is a worthy, thoughtful film. Director Stockman gets it down right. I admire the integrity and artistry that illuminated this film.”
--Rex Reed, New York Observer

“Very real, very moving, and very funny. Sally Field is breathtaking.”
--Bob Rivers, CBS Radio

Visioneering M/PR: A Progressive Marketing & Public Relations Firm Linking Spirit, Vision & Values with Communication to Promote a Positive Future™
538 Grand Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291-4225
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DVD Preview

Fox Home Video just sent over this preview of the "Making of" documentary extra on the new Two Weeks DVD.
You can buy the new DVD at Walmart, Amazon and most other fine retailers, or add it to your rental queue at Netflix or Blockbuster.
The DVD releases on September 18
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Official DVD Press Release

“A knowing cinematic primer on what to expect when a parent dies.”
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“A tough, sad journey taken with a smile.”
Jan Stuart, Newsday

“Sally Field is formidable.”
Lisa Schwartzbaum, Entertainment Weekly


Featuring Emmy Award®-Nominated Actor Thomas Cavanaugh,
Ben Chaplin and Julianne Nicholson In A Honest and Heartbreaking Film
About Life, Love and Death
On DVD September 18 from MGM Home Entertainment

-- Bonus Features Include A Movie Club Discussion Guide --

Los Angeles, CA – Writer and director Steve Stockman’s feature film debut explores the moments that define life as a family ultimately learns to live through dying in Two Weeks, available on DVD September 18 from MGM Home Entertainment. When four siblings find themselves unexpectedly together for two weeks, forced to deal with the terminal illness of their beloved mother, they rediscover the deep love they have for one another and find laughter through tears. With powerful and moving performances by two-time Academy Award®-winning actress, Sally Field (Best Actress, Places In The Heart, Best Actress, Norm Rae), Ben Chaplin (Murder By Numbers, The Thin Red Line), Emmy Award®-nominated actor Thomas Cavanaugh (“Ed,” “Love Monkey”), Julianne Nicholson (Kinsey, Little Black Book), Glenn Howerton (Must Love Dogs) and Clea DuVall (Zodiac), Two Weeks effortlessly shifts between humor and heartbreak while capturing the physical reality of a parent’s death and its impact on the family.

The film mixes reflections on life and family from Anita Bergman (Field) while chronicling her children’s day-to-day struggle to deal with her illness and impending death. As three brothers and one sister gather at the Bergman home for their mother’sfinal days, simmering tensions and unresolved familial problems explode, relationships are challenged, and each sibling must find their own way of coping with tragedy and each other.

Bonus features include a Movie Club Discussion Guide, featuring several open-ended questions on both the film itself and on the subject of death and losing a loved one. This discussion guide promotes a “Book Club” type of experience, encouraging people to watch the film and then discuss it in-depth in a group setting. Additional features include Learning to Live Through Dying, a compelling documentary featuring interviews with Sally Field, Ben Chaplin, Tom Cavanaugh, Julianne Nicholson and director Steve Stockman as they reflect on their experiences while making the film.

Two Weeks arrives on DVD in both full screen and widescreen format for the suggested retail price of $27.98 U.S./$43.48 Canada. Prebook is August 22, 2007.


Four siblings rush home to say a last goodbye to their very sick mother. When she hangs on, they find themselves trapped together for two weeks. Through laughter and tears, they come to terms with the tragedies we all must face, and rediscover the joy we find in each other. What happens to a family when the one person who holds it together can't hold on anymore?

Bonus Features

  • Movie Club Discussion Guide
  • Learning to Live Through Dying Featurette
  • Director’s Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes:
  • Mother’s Jewelry
  • Leave the Video Game
  • The To-Do List
  • Starve a Tumor, Feed a Cold
  • The Memorial Service

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two Weeks on a Plane

The theatrical release of Two Weeks brought us nice publicity, and garnered respectable reviews in publications like the New York Times, Newsday, Entertainment Weekly and People (here's my favorite, from Jeffrey Lyons and Alison Bailes on WNBC TV in New York: Reel Talk: Two Weeks)

And now it's time to move from theatrical release (the big dream of any independent filmmaker) to the rest of the movie's life-- which is where far more people will see it.

First up, September 18, 2007 is the DVD release. In addition to deleted scenes and a "Making of" documentary, it includes two Two Weeks innovations:

Have you ever listened to the director's commentary track on a DVD? Once, right? For about 10 minutes? The tracks on most of them are painful, and the worst are first-time feature directors who talk about their "art" for 90 minutes. So as a first-time feature director, I'm pleased to tell you that we may have an interesting director's commentary track on this DVD.

At the screenings I attended, people wanted to know what was true in the film-- not just what actually happened to my family, but what's true for others going through the same thing. So we've invited Dr. Ira Byock, one of America's leading end-of-life experts, to join in on the director's commentary track ( You can see his website here.) We're hoping that adding a doctor to the track will give us enormous prestige (will you find a doctor on the "Pirates of the Carribean 3" director's track? I think not.) and ultimately will lead to more than 6 people listening to it, which I'm pretty sure is the average total audience for most of them.

Also at the screenings, a lot of people expressed an interest in showing the film to their book groups. So on the DVD, you'll be able to flip through an on-screen Book Group Discussion Guide with what we hope are a whole bunch of interesting questions.

When MGM releases the Two Weeks DVD on September 12, you'll be able to find it in all major rental stores, retailers, and on-line outlets. You can (and should!) reserve it now on Netflix. Even folks in Iowa who didn't get to see the theatrical release will be able to see the film.

Much to my amazement, Two Weeks has also been sold to the airlines (The film's infamous “Blow Me” scene is now the “Bite Me” scene, and there have been a few other minor airline-y changes. Luckily, there are no plane crashes in the film.) So if, one day, you come out of the front rest room to face an entire planeload of people with tears streaming down their faces, you'll know they've come to the end of Two Weeks.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two Weeks Rolls Out March 2 in Select Markets!

Two Weeks opens March 2 in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville, Dallas and Atlanta. For March 16, we've announced openings in theaters in Boston, Washington DC.

PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS and email your mailing lists in or around the various cities. The important time for them to be there is opening weekend! Check your local newspapers for listings, or Moviefone -- they should be up not later than Feb 25 for the March 2 openings.